7 Reasons to Study Abroad

  1. Faculty:

    Probably the one that is most overlooked fact that students will find good is that a majority of faculty are very knowledgeable, talented and having a PhD in their field. They have the latest level of knowledge. Most students have the option of working with their HoDs, Top Professors in Research of their liking. Faculty encourages students to do more practical work, give better access to resources like lab and equipment etc. They also are very friendly and give the students a wide leverage. Faculty also nominates students for TA posts, Scholarships and other responsible positions including assisting with final placements also.

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  2. Funding:

    A very important aspect of why students study abroad is that many countries offer funding to students in form of scholarships and grants. The amounts can range from full to partial scholarships. Many Universities in USA offer 100% funding, or to a large waiver on fees for Bright students. This is also available for students in Australia too. Most PhDs are fully sponsored too. Germany offers 100% Fee waiver in most of Universities.black point and shot camera near macbook pro

  3. Flexibility:

    Universities offer many degrees of flexibility. This allows students to pursue different subject and combinations, many dual degree options, many study different speeds at which they can study including accelerated completion and also the ability to manage the timings and even to manage part time jobs. This high flexibility allows students to do what they are good at. They get many electives and special option subjects esp. at UG and PG level. This makes students better to appreciate the complete education experience without feeling defeated at all.

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  4. Practical Education:

    Students get better labs, modern Industry relevant equipment and subjects. The modern and constantly evolving syllabus and equipment allows them to be completely Industry ready. Being better in Practical esp. in countries like Canada and Australia makes them immediate job ready too. This makes them feel more wanted by their companies, better pay prospects and the main reason why students immediately start working after they complete their courses.

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  5. Part time jobs:

    Most countries allow students to work for 20 hours per week as a part time job. This gets them valuable networking, maturity and also funds them in a better way. Pay scales are good and students get a job very quickly in most countries because of their vast networking ability. This gives a better resume over a long time, more access to different experiences and also a platform to look for a full time one as they are out in the working community too. It helps them to ease the financial burdens on their parents and families.

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  6. Global Experience:

    Students get the thinking and association of being with a heterogeneous community. They get to understand the way their global peers work, think and manage a broad horizon. The cultural differences help them appreciate better their own and also ease them into an International area far better during their academic life including food, lifestyle and working methods of different students.

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  7. Immigration and PR:

    This is the final icing on the cake. After studying, working part time and then full time the student enjoys the ease and comfort of being in a new country. He decides that he wants this to be his new home. Most countries offer different ways to stay back. This student who has become more talented and educated feels that the value he will get here is higher will seek a new Visa status. It could be a Green card, PR card etc…Which he will get and final realizes many lifelong dreams of coming to this new country.

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These are the 7 reasons to study abroad from K7 International a Top class institution in Rajkot India.


Clinical nutrition: A better dose of medicine.


Clinical nutrition is an exciting career. It blends the elements that we need to manage the most: our eating habits. Many a times a lot of our so called branded dangers are related to the way we eat. Doctors call this “lifestyle habits” and they are related to our classic manner in which we treat ourselves to food. Our maybe in the way we overindulge.

Diabetes, heart diseases and hypertension which together combine to eliminate more people per year than the so called nuclear wars are dubbed as the silent killers of our population. And once they are diagnosed a long term solution is only possible by the way we correct our eating habits. It requires a lot of painful changes in which the patient and his whole family have to make long reaching changes in their food management. Many a times as painful as is dieting to lose weight.

“lifestyle habits”

Indian clinics are very good at diagnosing these ailments but doctors can only spend a cursory amount of time helping us correct the way we eat and manage our problems in the long term. So at this point Enter : Clinical Nutritionists. This profession has various sub specialisations and people can even specialise in managing special ailments like Cardiac clinical nutritionists, diabetic nutritionist etc… It is a course widely available in USA and is now getting popular in India too. Clinical nutritionists help patients in correcting their food habits and is one of a special branch of people who are in Allied Health Care systems.

Clinical Nutritionist
Clinical Nutritionist

A clinical nutritionist can further opt to become a Registered Dietitian and proceed to work at better hospitals and manage the health and recovery of critical care patients. It needs a person to be very serious in terms of managing patients and advising them on a constant basis on their dietary habits.

So for many of  you who are interested in this profession there is an ample opportunity in India as we move towards better and more progressive health systems and professionally managed traits in healthcare management. Time to look at this very seriously as hospitals are feeling the need of these people every day. It is a good specialisation for nurses, Pharmacists…and other professions. The courses are at available at Undergraduate and Post Graduate levels.

Ajesh Kamania

Career guidance counsellor.

Robotics: Making a generational shift

Robotics as a Career  stirred the human imagination especially after the successful Star Wars movie series . The cute and lovable R2D2 and C3PO  were the droid robots  who with their antics made life better for the Robotic world. And this gave many people a huge change in mind shifts about what Robots could do in the future.

R2D2 and C3PO in Star Wars
R2D2 and C3PO in Star Wars

Indian Engineering colleges have many Robotics competes for their Tech fests and  that is far as these engineers may go. But many of them get serious and start looking around. In the USA  many Universities offer concentration in the field of Robotics. Most of them are aligned with the Mechanical engineering depts.  of the university.

A career in Robotics will take a student  far as these careers are linked with the future growth in the engineering profession. Robotics is an amalgam of Mechanical and Electronics and needs a person to understand human movements also. Humanoids, Droids, bots and many other Robotic types have come into being already.

Robotics will evolve as one of the new powerful careers in the future as it is now being widely applied in automobiles, aerospace, nuclear science and also in the homes. I see a future where Robots will be an equal component of man and for this I can remember Will Smith in the 2004 movie  i, ROBOT. and this gave the first three rules for ROBOTS.

  • First Law: A robot must never harm a human being or, through inaction, allow any human to come to harm.
  • Second Law: A robot must obey the orders given to them by human beings, except where such orders violate the First Law.
  • Third Law: A robot must protect its own existence unless this violates the First or Second Laws.

One of the best Schools in the USA for this profession is at the Virginia Tech University. Here a special  Robotic Lab known as RoMELA is doing yeoman research and new breakthroughs in the field. Most of this is being carried out under the  the aegis of Dr Dennis Hong.-  A TED speaker, and a great young professor at the Virginia Tech.University.

So guys who are looking to go deeper into this field of Robotics do come over for a discussion on my post.

Ajesh Kamania

Career Guidance Counsellor

Aerospace: the Career for a Brave New World

Aerospace: The Career for a Brave New World.

Nasa Space  Shuttle launch in Florida, USA.
Nasa Space Shuttle launch in Florida, USA.

As a country India said that it awakened in 1947 to a new World. But when two very dashing ladies made front line waves in the Aerospace frontiers did the country and it’s people really awaken to face the 21 st century with more style.

Kalpana Chawla who probably became more famous after her fiery end on a Space Shuttle and Sunita Williams embody the typical 21st Century women who are storming new citadels. Indian children look up to these women with starry eyed ambition and I see more women entering this challenging field now. The rocket industry with news of Space Shuttles, Mars missions, and NASA visits by many Indian schools is making space a frontier to be visited soon by the young generation.

Kalpana Chawla - an inspiration for millions
Kalpana Chawla – an inspiration for millions

A career in Aerospace engineering is now within easy access to many youngsters. They need a good background in Science and Maths and a stronger determination to reach the top of the field. Students have to nurture a solid dream to make it big. It is a challenging field to study in. Indian Universities offer this subject at very few places in the IIT’s. Not too much awareness is present about this in Indian academia.

Ideally the bigger American universities are more suited for this education. They offer this course with a lot of options.

Top American Universities include Embry Riddle, Purdue, Wichita, Texas University are among some who offer a combination of Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace as a subject. A four year solid undergraduate degree coupled with some work experience will help students to focus on this career option. It is a rewarding and exciting field to be in and has many offshoots in Astrophysics, Astrochemistry, Computing and Mechanical Science.

Embry Riddle Aerospace University  Daytona Beach, FL, USA
Embry Riddle Aerospace University
Daytona Beach, FL, USA

The Aerospace industry is a nascent one and candidates can make it big in this. Aviation industry is also within easy reach for most students of Aerospace. The candidates can choose to master in Engineering, Mechanics, Robotics and many other branches also after a solid grounding in this Industry. Aerospace studies promises to hold sway to many students who see themselves as part of the real Brave New World.

Come on guys. The way is very clear.. Let us aim for the stars with this.

Ajesh Kamania

The Legal Profession. Is it worth It?

The Legal Profession. Is it worth It?

Lawyer Baby

The oldest profession in the world ( well almost!!)  is now home to some very young members.

Since the advent of the Indian Governments move to create special National Law University ( there are 14 of them now)  and the encouragement of the Bar Council we have seen in the last 10 years a spurt in more young students taking up Law as a Career. Last year nearly 27000 – 12th Std plus students took the CLAT exam to get entry to the 1000 odd seats in the 14 National Law Universities.

The Maximum entry age at 20 years means that we have young legal eagles out like bumble bees in the Courts and other places taking up cudgels in the name of Law. All at the age of 25 or so after an exciting foray from Law Classrooms for 5 YEARS , all armed with dual degrees and fire in their hearts.Many pick up causes for NGOs, Underprivileged and many work for the best Law firms in India and Abroad. Some are directly taken up by corporates – Indian and Abroad.

Time to make money.

Where do they proceed after they Graduate? It is surprising to note that the quality and level of these young bright sparks are so good that 10 of them were chosen as Aditya Birla Scholars ( on par with Post Graduates from IIT and IIMs).  5 of them every year go for their Masters in Law as Rhodes Scholars to the Oxford School of Law. Many start their careers with Law firms at Path breaking pay scales with high pay scales and responsibility.

What is interesting about  these Law Schools?

Among the many things that touch the raw nerves of these young students is the very design and method of teaching. There are MOOT courts galore, debates, internships with Law firms and courts plus Practical and large value addition by top Legal luminaries coming for Class. Coupled with the fact that it is a 100% residential course enables these students to remain in touch with their work and colleagues full time and a high sense of competition ensues.

I see hope in these young minds to clean up the legal systems with their far reaching thoughts and a brighter future for young India.

Come on guys it is upto you. The baton is now in your strong young hands.

Ajesh Kamania

How to choose the Right Career!!

Well, this is the first question that comes to mind when we are thinking of career initiatives.
Parents start getting vexed about this the moment a student in India starts coming into The 9th standard or so. Many get so worked up and hyperactive that the parental anxiety overrides that of the child putting undue stress on the kids. Add the generational divide and things get worse.
To understand this better take the case when I was approached by a group of Kitty partying young ladies to address them on this topic. At first I thought this was a hoax. I mean why should kitty partying call me. to give them a small seminar on Career selection. Maybe they wanted some window dressing to ensure the hubbies would not put an end to this kitty partying. But lo.. They chased me down and even gave me a fixed date and time to appear before them. I was stymied and flummoxed.. I even had to wrangle a co-invitation to take my wife along.
And so at the appointed hour there I was in their drawing rooms facing a barrage of worries about careers and children in general.
What did I opine?
The first one was that chossing a career is like chasing a rainbow.. Sometimes you can never be sure. Like the following examples of some of my friends and what happened to their Careers.
1. A Qualified pharmacist is now  running a successful jewellery business.
2. A qualified orthodontist is now a financial consultant.
3. An army colonel invented the best selling KFC at the age of 59 .. From gun managing to frying chickens,,,,What a twist
4. An electronics engineer is now a full time commercial movie photographer.
5. The man who started online Amazon.com was a Wall street Financial wizard.
The second big opinion was that the time to chose a career cannot be determined with a correct date and time. The girls make up their mind earlier while the boys are a tad bit slower..maybe they are following the women here too. I mean to say it could be decided in class 9 or even halfway thorough college.. or even 5 years in the mid course of some other occupation. Almost like finding the philosophers stone..Everybody is destiny’s child.
Importantly I mentioned that engineering and medicine are not the only careers.. Now students can opt for multimedia. Aerospace, nanotechnology. Movie making, Indian idol , Robotics which are one of the many options they have…all they got to do is to have the large menu of choices in front of them. The difference of choices between a McDonald menu versus that at a Honest restaurant.
But importantly Career selection is a bit like Russian roulette. You never know when the bullet will hit you.
So don’t fret over it too much and take your chances when you can.

The Leit Motif of Career Jumps.

Sometimes I need to explain!!

So here goes. The meaning of the word is Leit Motif--whose meaning is the guiding theme or the main underlying idea of the title I have chosen for this new blogging adventure. The undercurrent that I want to  swim through this is by giving young readers fresh thinking, new ideas, immense motivation and tips on right Career Moves.

Will this take me up, or down or across. Will I succeed or fail if I chose this Career or that.  Will I eventually come out tops or sink to the bottom. Is this the right decision for my long term goals or not? Everyone seeking a career choice comes across these monstrosities often enough. Sometimes even in mid-course. What to do?

Career Jumps is created with the thought of providing Career thoughts, Career ideas, Good Careers and all sorts of Professional ideas for young people on the go. It is going to have as its Leit Motif about how to rise to the top in ones Career by making wise and well informed Career choices. It will highlight new Career options and how to achieve them.

It is my sincere hope that young minds will use this blog to get a better flight to their flourishing dreams and enable the matter to be used as a Springboard from which a young person will emerge more stronger and purposefully driven.

Ajesh Kamania